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Book Description

The 21st century business arena demands a different kind of leader. With structural change cycles occurring at dizzying speeds and “Black Swan” events disrupting us with increasing frequency, we now live in a world where change is the only constant, and past experience is no longer a good predictor of future success.

Today’s leaders must be willing to step out of their comfort zones, challenge their personal assumptions, and rapidly adjust their worldview when faced with new information.

But that is not all. As leaders reimagine themselves, they must also be able to inspire their people to come with them towards new and sometimes uncertain horizons.

Whether you are a grizzled veteran looking to hone your craft, or a budding manager just starting to earn your stripes, this book might be an excellent addition to your toolkit. It provides a four-step framework to transform your organization into a focused, empowered, and engaged army that will move with speed and actively assist you with navigating change and disruption.

The book is written as a hands-on learning experience. It pushes you to examine your leadership style and enact changes through real-life experiments. This approach of “learning by doing” is based on techniques the author used extensively during his career. Are you ready to join him on a journey of personal exploration? 

The Framework

The Inpowering Leadership Framework consists of four steps:

Moving with Purpose:

Disruptions and change events are inherently noisy. Things evolve constantly, and information pours in from all directions. If leaders do not control the narrative, their people can get distracted and lose morale.

Even when the horizon is fuzzy, Inpowering Leaders set a clear North Star that tells everyone where they are heading right now. They ensure that stakeholders and superiors buy into the mission and actively support it. This creates a strong sense of shared purpose and focuses the organization on its most vital priorities.

Moving with Speed:

The most important commodity today is time. To stay ahead of the competition, leaders must build organizations that move with speed and change direction with agility.

Inpowering Leaders increase organizational velocity through a combination of empowerment and autonomy. They decentralize decision-making and encourage everyone to take direct action. Operating this way enables them to make contributions that far exceed what they could have individually imagined or delivered.

Moving with Accuracy:

Change events create uncertainty. Information is usually scarce, and leaders do not always have the answers.

Inpowering Leaders improve the accuracy of their decisions by pressure testing them against a variety of inputs and perspectives. They build a diverse and engaged talent pool that speaks freely and actively challenges their assumptions. They initiate hard conversations and seek out the truth, no matter how painful or inconvenient it is. Once all the information is in, they interpret it with honesty and make a final decision.

Building Resilience:

Leading people through change requires more than sound operational tactics; it also requires inspiration. Leaders must operate in ways that inject an extra oomph into their people and make them resilient in the face of external shocks and disruptions.

Inpowering Leaders show visible conviction and enthusiasm for the mission, invest in their people, and always do the right things – no matter the consequences. They create strong and resilient organizations that persist and thrive even after they have moved on to new challenges.


Inpowering Leaders leverage the inner power within themselves and their people to successfully navigate change and disruption. To learn more, get your copy on Amazon.

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About the Author

Dr. Vijay Jayachandran is the CEO at Whether. He is a seasoned executive with over two decades of prior experience at a Fortune 50 company.

Vijay is an optimist who believes in the power of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. He lives in Connecticut, USA with his wife, two children, and a Siberian cat. You can reach him at

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