Second Stage

What is Second Stage?

Careers are like rockets. For some people, one rocket is enough. They point themselves in a generally good direction, take off, and keep going till they retire.

Some others, like me, and perhaps you, have careers that are more like multi-stage rockets. The first rocket only gets us so far and then we must make a decision. We can do nothing and just go where the wind takes us. Or we can refuel, point ourselves towards a new destination, and fire up our Second Stage!

The Backstory

My personal journey of career reinvention started in 2019.

Along the way I was helped by many people. They freely shared their insights. They supported me with advice and encouragement. They opened up their personal networks. With no expectation of any kind of return.

I built this site as a resource for others like me who are exploring change. It is my way of paying it forward.

The Career Reinvention Podcast

In this podcast, I share my playbook for career change and reinvention and interview people who have reinvented themselves in unique ways.

You can subscribe via your favorite podcast app. You can also listen to the episodes directly at Buzzsprout.

Articles from my newsletter – Old Dogs, New Tricks

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Do you manage your career like an investment?


How are you staying current on what is going on in the world today? How are you making new connections and learning new things? How are you exploring new business ideas? How are you finding new opportunities? Here are some of the things I am exploring right now.

News: TheFactual | Morning Brew

Insights: The Generalist | Stratechery | No Mercy No Malice | CB Insights

Podcasts: Bankless | All In | My First Million| a16z | Sway

Community Platforms: Upstream | Discord

Web3 / Crypto: Crypto Canon | 2022 Top 10 Resources

Small Business Ideas: @SMB_Attorney | @franchisewolf

Fractional / Freelance work: TechCXO | Toptal | Braintrust

Hourly Consulting: Guidepoint | Alphasights | GLG

Interesting Articles / Threads / Tweetstorms

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