Second Stage

What is Second Stage?

Careers are like rockets. You fuel up during your formative years, hit ignition, and blast off!

In the good old days, one rocket was all you needed. You could point yourself in a generally good direction, and keep going till you retired.

In today’s fast changing world, one rocket only takes you so far. When that happens, you must make a decision: do nothing and just go where the wind takes you, or refuel, point yourself towards a new destination, and fire up your Second Stage!

The Backstory

My personal journey of career reinvention started in 2019. After twenty productive years at a large multinational company, I took a strategic break to reinvent myself.

Since then, I have experienced a lot and learned a lot. I have been helped by many people – old friends as well as new – who have shared their knowledge and insights freely, with no expectation of anything in return. And through this process, I have discovered a whole new world of opportunities.

This site is my way of paying it forward and helping others who are exploring career change. I hope it will encourage them to take their own first steps towards reinvention.

The Three Step Playbook for Career Reinvention

Are you a mid-career professional who wants to execute a career change? Are you stuck at the starting line, paralyzed by fear, not knowing how to take the next steps? This book can help you get started. It is based on the approaches I used to execute my own personal journey of change and reinvention. Are you ready to jump in?

Now available on Amazon.

Career Management in the 21st Century

The world is changing fast. Mid-career professionals who wish to thrive in today’s dynamic environment must change how they operate. Below are some articles I wrote on this topic.

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Are you thriving (or just surviving)?

Learning Resources

How are you staying current on what is going on in the world today? How are you making new connections and learning new things? How are you finding new opportunities?

Here are some of the things I am exploring right now.

News: TheFactual | Morning Brew | Dealbook

Insights: The Generalist | No Mercy No Malice | CB Insights | Bankless

Podcasts: Bankless | All In | Pivot | Where It Happens

Small Business Ideas: @SMB_Attorney | @franchisewolf | Microacquire

Fractional / Freelance work: TechCXO | Toptal | Braintrust

Hourly Consulting: Guidepoint | Alphasights | GLG

Interesting Threads

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